RR 250

Turbine  basic HMI price:27.785 US$
Includes:New Wheel stage 1&2, New split line nuts, Exchange Nozzle 2nd stg, Cleaning ,NDTand
All other parts required will be offered after inspection.Compressor Basic Overhaul price:24604 US$ Includes: New Impeller, New Spur Adapter Gearshaft,
New Adapter, New Split line nuts, Consumables,
Cleaning,NDT and Labour. :All other parts required will be offered after inspection.

Compressor Exchange:
CAC 33271 P/N 6890550 v.s. CAC 31490 P/N 6890550; Exchange Price: 38.700 US$
CAC 31490, TSO: 0,0 hrs, TSN:11743 hrs, Impeller New

Turbine Exchange:
CAT 38485 P/N 23038241 v.s. CAT 35393 P/N 23038241
Exchange price: 58700 US$, CAT 35393, TSO: 48 hrs, Wheel 1&2 TSN: 48hrs
Wheel 3rd stg Remaining time 2061 hrs Remaining cycles 1028 Cy.
Wheel 4th stg Remaining tine 1500hrs Remaining cycles 1389 Cy.
Terms of delivery: Ex works Sweden.
Terms of payment: Invoice at delivery,
Turn around time: Compressor OH 25 days Turbine HMI 18 days.
VAT is not included in prices.Approwed data: EASA Form One.
Warrany: 300 flight hours/ 1 year .